Minor in Anthropology

Contact Person:
Alan L. Hersker, Chair
129B MacVicar, (315) 267-2720, herskeal@potsdam.edu

18-21 credit hours required.

The Anthropology Department requires that students earn a minimum grade of 2.0/S* in all courses counted toward the minor. Closed to Anthropology majors.

All courses are 3 credits unless noted. Credits are divided as follows:

Required Courses 12-15
All of the following required, with at least one course at the 100- or 200- level.
Archaeology: ANTH 204 preferred (3-4 credits)

Biological Anthropology: ANTH 201 preferred (3-4 credits)  
Cultural or Linguistics Anthropology: ANTH 202 or 203 preferred (3-4 credits)  
ANTH 393 Professionalism in Anthropology



300- level and above

Procedures for Declaring this Minor

Minors must be registered within the Anthropology Department and a minor adviser chosen before more than 3 credit hours of the electives have been completed.