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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Title III Grant: Sharing Our Discoveries for Optimum Learning

Location: LTEC Classroom
Start: 04.17.14 3:00 PM
End: 04.17.14 4:00 PM
Gunnar Anderson, from the Department of Modern Languages, will be presenting fresh approaches to academic research. Students today may feel that Googling a topic represents real research. The onus is on the professor to explain to students how to find valid sources for their papers. What I experienced involved more class time than was anticipated, but was well worth the effort!

The Title III grant award was used to create an Honors program in the Department of Community Health. That program was successfully implemented this past Fall and we are currently working with our first cohort. This panel presentation, with Kelly Bonnar, will provide an overview of that program and how it encourages faculty/student collaborative research.
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