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Friday, March 14, 2014

Transforming Learning with our Title III Grant

Location: LTEC classroom
Start: 03.14.14 3:00 PM
End: 03.14.14 4:00 PM
The Department of Politics curriculum was revised with the goal of improving student performance in the Politics Senior capstone course. Rob Hinckley will provide examples of how inquiry based learning were incorporated into Politics courses, learning communities, as well as some initial assessment data.

Many students often struggle to find their voice in the research process. This Title III Grant was used to redesign the research process in an upper-division social science elective to provide students the chance to develop aptitude in engaging the academic literature. Kristen Van Hooreweghe will discuss the process of highlighting student voices through the use of the Research Narrative.

Jennifer Mitchell will discuss a new Grant Writing course in the English and Communication Writing major. Research had to be understood flexibly, in order to best help students learn about a new genre in a short period of time.

Please join us for an hour of snacks, conversation, and insights into innovative teaching practices
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