Heating Plant Vacancy


Plant Utilities Engineer 1
ID: NO:C - 00023
Salary Grade 14
Temporary Full Time
Salary:  $21.14/hr

A Plant Utilities Engineer 1, on an assigned shift in a heating and/or air-conditioning plant, or in a single or multi-building facility, operates, maintains, troubleshoots, repairs, tests, and calibrates mechanical and electrical equipment providing heat, hot water, ventilation, air-conditioning and electrical distribution in the most efficient and safe manner possible. Incumbents also make recommendations on major overhauls and replacement of equipment and initiate activity relating to energy conservation projects.

This is a competitive class position. To be eligible for appointment, applicants must be reachable from the appropriate civil service list or be eligible for transfer to the title.

Location:            Heating Plant
Supervisor:        Thomas Mallette
Shift:                  TBD

Persons who are interested and who qualify for this position may apply online at https://employment@potsdam.edu by August 13, 2014 close of business.