Linking in the CMS

  1. Once you have logged into the CMS, go to the  page where you want to upload the PDF or Word document. You will see a pencil icon in the upper right side of the screen:

    pencil icon
  2. If you navigate your cursor over the pencil icon, you will se the following text, "Click here to open the CommonSpot Entrance Tab". Click on the pencil icon to Open the CommonSpot Entrance Tab. You will then see the following text box:
    entrance tab icon     
  3. Click on 'Work on this Page'.

    You should notice the element icon in the upper left corner of the page text.  The element icon looks like a gear:

    element icon
  4. Click on the element icon and select Text.  A text block will appear in which you can highlight the text on the page that you want to link to.
  5. Highlight the text on the page you want linked to an Existing Document, Uploaded Document or URL, E-mail, Etc.
  6. Once you have the text highlighted, click on the Link icon toward the top of the text block.  The Link icon looks like a chain link:
    link icon
    Please keep in mind that you can link to a document and upload it at the same time.  You don't have to upload it first then link to it.  You can do it all in one step as shown below. 

    Once you click on the 'Link' icon, the follow window will appear:

    link window 

  7. If you want to link to a document that you want to upload, click on the "Type" dropdown box and highlight "New Uploaded File":

    upload box image
  8. Click Next and the following will appear:

    upload document box image
    Choose the File you want to upload and link to.  Please choose a short Title that describes what the document actually is.  For the description, use the first sentence of the document.  If this isn't possible, please be as concise and accurate as possible with the description.  Change the category to Commonspot Pages, and then enter keywords.  Once you fill out the fields above, the options on the bottom right will change.  Click "Next" when done.  
  9. The Spell Check box will appear.  Please go through this process and then click Next.
  10. The Custom Properties box will appear, where you can assign the Uploaded document to the navigation.  You will most likely just click "Save" here since you are linking to the document. 
  11. You will be taken back to the Text box where you should see that your text is now underlined. Click Save and go through the spell check process again.  Once you are back at the main screen, check to see if your link is working.
  12. As you can see from the Type drop down menu in Step 7, you can link to E-mail addresses, existing documents, images (.jpeg format), Unregistered URLs, etc.