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After logging into the appropriate page in the CMS, follow the instructions below to make changes to the text.

  1. You will notice a pencil icon in the upper right portion of the CMS screen.
        pencil icon
        If you navigate your cursor over the pencil icon, you will se the following text, "Click here to open the CommonSpot Entrance Tab". Click on the pencil icon to Open the CommonSpot Entrance Tab. You will then see the following text box:
    entrance tab icon     
  3. Click on 'Work on this Page'.
        You will notice a long Toolbar at the top of the page.  The upper right half of the  page displays the following Toolbar:

    Right Toolbar
    This toolbar will show you who is currently logged into this page (in this example, Nicole Tracy).  Three three icons under the word Preview should also be clearly visible. 

    You should be able to see the element icon  in the upper left corner of the page text.  The element icon looks like a gear:
  4. Click on the element icon in the upper left corner of the page text and select Text.  A text block will appear in which you can make the appropriate changes.
  6. Make appropriate changes to the text and click Save.  The changes will go through a Spell Check.  Please go through the Spell Check process carefully to make sure there are no spelling/grammar errors.

    Once the Spell Check process is complete, you will be taken back to the original screen.  A little arrow will appear in the upper left corner of the text block which indicates that you have made changes that need to be submitted to the Office of Public Affairs for approval.
  8. Review the page to make sure the appropriate changes have been made.  Then, click on the arrow and select 'Submit Page'.  Once you click 'Submit Page', you will notice that the arrow changed colors.  This lets you know that your changes have been submitted to the Office of Public Affairs for approval.

    Once approved by the Office of Public Affairs, the changes will appear on the live site after replication.