Document Update

Once a document has been uploaded, whether it is a PDF or Word document,  you can simply update the existing document when you have made  changes.  You don't need to re-upload the document, you can simply update the current version. The steps below outline how to update an existing document.

  1. Once you have logged into the CMS, go to the  page where you want to update the PDF or Word document. You will see a pencil icon in the upper right side of the screen:
    pencil icon
  2. If you navigate your cursor over the pencil icon, you will se the following text, "Click here to open the CommonSpot Entrance Tab". Click on the pencil icon to Open the CommonSpot Entrance Tab. You will then see the following text box:
    entrance tab icon     
  3. Click on 'Work on this Page'.

    The upper left half of the page will display the following Toolbar:

    Left Toolbar

  5. Click on 'Reports' in the gray section of the Toolbar and then click on 'Pages, Templates, Uploaded Docs and Registered URLS..."
    The following box will appear (using the Physical Plant website in this example):

        reports icon

        You will see all the pages, uploaded documents, registered URLS, etc that exist in the Physical Plant subsite.
  6. Find the document that you want to update (the Phase I PDF in this example) and click on the Metadata & Security Icon shown below:

    reports icon 2
  7. After clicking on the Metadata & Security icon, the following box will appear:

    metadata icon

  8. Select Upload New Version.
  9. The following box will appear:

    upload box

  10. Browse to where the updated version is and then click Save.
  11. If the title of the old document needs to be changed, click on the Metadata & Security icon again.  Select Standard Properties and then you can change the title of the document.  In most cases, this will only be necessary if the old version had an older date in the title.