Redesign Process

1. Discovery & Analysis (D&A)

  • Finalized May, 2012
    In the D&A phase, core operating principles and outcomes were developed for the Web redesign. Focus groups were assembled and electronic surveys were completed to gather feedback. The results of D&A can be found at:

2. Information Architecture

  • Finalized July, 2012
    Good information design invites users to explore and provides them with appropriate, meaningful feedback along the way.

    During this process, we evaluated ease of navigation and developed a content inventory and analysis of existing menus, site use and proposed site navigation.

3. Graphic Design

  • Finalized November, 2012
    The graphic design phase is broken up into two separate components; wireframes and mock-ups.

    Wireframes are a suggested starting point for laying out the new content structure of the site templates. The wireframes were created and tweaked after receiving feedback from campus constituents. The finalized wireframes are available online for you to review (campus only).

    Three separate design concepts were initially created based on the wireframes. Feedback was collected from campus liaisons and components from each of the three designs were taken and combined into one final design concept, consisting of fourteen templates. It is our intention to have these templates be developed to allow maximum flexibility. Not all pages created with these templates will have all content areas. The content areas can be turned on/off and shifted up and down to reorganize page structure.

    Throughout implementation, tweaks to the design concept will be made. The rough design concepts are available online for your review (campus only). Please note, the content in the mock-ups is just used as filler text.

4. Implementation 

  • Ongoing - Projected completion January 30, 2013
    Following prototype development and testing of templates, we will install the HTML/CSS templates, created in phase 3, into our Content Management System, CommonSpot. Once the templates have been installed, we will move onto installing other new/updated features of the site including; events calendar based on SOGo, Google Site Search, media galleries, emergency notification system and major/minor finder to name a few.

5. Testing 

  • Projected completion February, 22, 2013
    Quality and assurance control (QC) testing will be performed; includes review of migrated content, browser compatibility testing, error testing, 508 compliance testing, debugging and code revisions.

6. Training/Support 

  • Ongoing until completed
    Familiarize content administrators and super users with new template options.

7. Launch

  • Prior to 4/15/12